Maximize Your Cloud Investment with The Microsoft Partner

Most businesses have already started expanding their IT footprint with cloud services; it’s simply a matter of how much, what kind, and when. Managing the cloud-extended environment this creates can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. The Microsoft Partner in collaboration with IT gurus of Atlanta’s cloud experts helps you with every stage of your cloud consumption lifecycle – from crafting a clear strategy to monitoring and optimizing your cloud services, to determine if you are taking advantage of all the benefits your new cloud platform offers.

Regardless of your cloud footprint, The Microsoft Partner can help you with a lot of things such as:

  • Managed Public Cloud Services: We partner with the leading public cloud providers to deliver best-of-breed cloud monitoring and management capabilities. We are always evaluating new platforms in the market to determine if we should incorporate them into our portfolio.
  • Managed Private Cloud Services: Our private cloud services use modern infrastructure solutions and best-in-class private cloud technologies to enable the self-service, deploy-with-a-click functionality that you expect from a private cloud.
  • Hosted Private Cloud Services: Many clients who want to move from their data center to the public cloud find, for various reasons, that they cannot transfer all of their workloads. The Microsoft Partner’sHosted Private Cloud provides a public cloud experience with private cloud infrastructures and experiences hosted in one of our colocation-partner data centers.

Moreover, The Microsoft Partner support can proactively manage all of your Cloud-Extended Data Center systems, no matter where they are located, in order to provide you with comprehensive coverage of your server, network, and security devices. Whether you are using public, private, or hybrid cloud architectures, we can monitor your systems’ health and provide the regular reports and incident resolution capabilities you need.